Weekly Lotto Roundup | 6th – 8th January ‘15


With all that you could be walking away with when you play the lottery online, there’s no reason that you aren’t already clicking away right now!  Take a minute to think about all that you could do with the prizes that are up for grabs in the draws which take place each week.  You could finally be living the life you’ve always been dreaming about!  Here’s a look at the latest results and winnings so that you can see how lucky you could get in this weekend’s draws:


The Powerball draw on Wednesday (7th January) didn’t bring in any lucky jackpot winners, with no one who was able to match the five main numbers and the PowerBall.  This left the first tier empty and the main prize untouched, which will leave even more up for grabs in the next draw on Saturday (10th January).  Thanks to the rollover result, the estimated jackpot prize for this draw now stands at an unbelievably high $162 million.

The second prize tier placed two players who were granted with winnings of $1 million for matching the five main numbers drawn.  In the third prize tier, with winnings of $10, 000, there were 16 players who were successful in matching four main numbers and the PowerBall.  $100 was claimed by each of the 741 players in the fourth prize tier who matched four of the five main numbers.  For all of the detailed results of the latest draw, please see below:


There were no players who became jackpot winners in Tuesday’s (6th January) Mega Millions draw.  No players were successful in matching the five main numbers and the Mega ball, which left the main prize unclaimed.  With the first prize tier empty, there will be a rollover taking place.  This is good news for all of you lotto enthusiasts, with the next estimated jackpot prize for Friday’s (9th January) draw now set at a mind-blowing $221 million!

The single player in the second prize tier was the first winner this time around, scooping up $1 million by matching each of the five main numbers.  $5, 000 was given to each of the 58 players in the third prize tier who were able to match four of the main numbers and the Mega ball.  The fourth prize tier brought in 647 players who are now $500 richer thanks to their luck in matching four of the five main numbers.  Here are all of the results of the most recent draw:


The latest SuperLotto Plus draw on Wednesday (7th January) was a lucky one for the single player who successfully matched the five main numbers as well as the Mega ball.  This player walked away with the main prize of $11 million and placed in the first tier.  With no rollover taking place for the next draw on Saturday (10th January), the estimated jackpot prize is a new $7 million.

There were no players who placed in the second prize tier, with no one who could match the five main numbers only.  The winning continued in the third prize tier, where 18 players were grouped for matching four main numbers and the Mega ball.  Each of these players were awarded with their guaranteed winnings of $1, 048.  In the last of the top prize tiers, there were 292 players who fell into the fourth prize tier where they won $107.  All of the detailed winnings of the latest draw can be found here:

oz powerball logo_narrow

The last draw of the week was Thursday’s (8th January) Oz Powerball, which also brought in one lucky jackpot winner.  $2, 421, 090 was given to this player who was lucky enough to place in the first prize tier by matching the six main numbers and the PowerBall.  The upcoming draw and your next chance to become instantly rich is on Thursday (15th January), and has an estimated jackpot prize of $2, 400, 000 up for grabs.

Another four players fell into the second prize tier where they claimed their winnings of $40, 044.30 for matching the six main numbers.  Moving into the third prize tier, $5, 405.49 was awarded to each of the 31 players who were able to match five main numbers plus the PowerBall.  With winnings of $165.72, the fourth prize tier grouped a total of 565 players who were successful in matching five of the main numbers.  Here are the results in each prize tier:

It’s never been easier to become richer in the blink of an eye now that you can play lotto online.  Once you’ve decided which online lotto game you want to play, go ahead and place your entries before it’s too late.  You can check in here for all of the latest lotto results once the draws have taken place.  Good luck to all of those who will be trying their luck and playing!

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