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The SuperLotto Plus game (also referred to as the Californian Lottery); despite being nearly identical to the Mega Millions game format, is a lottery game unique to the state of California. What originally began in 1986 as the California Super Lotto with a straightforward 6/49 draw format, gradually saw revisions carried out through the years until eventually the name was officially changed to SuperLotto Plus in the year 2000, along with the ball set and selection criteria. To this day, this is the current format employed.

As this game’s DNA is identical to that of the Mega Millions game, it stands to reason that the way the game is played is identical as well. Out of a ball set of 47, players need to choose five numbers. For the Mega number ball pool, from a selection of a possible 27 balls players are required to choose one. In order to successfully bank a tier one top jackpot win, players need to match all six numbers (five regular, one Mega ball) correctly as per the draw.

The SuperLotto Plus game has a total of nine prize tiers, with overall odds of being able to claim a tier prize at a plausible 1 in 23. The odds of winning the actual jackpot, which has awarded a highest jackpot figure of $193,000,000 to three lucky ticket holders in February 2002, are currently set at 1 in 175,223,510. The game’s minimum jackpot is $7,000,000. Other noteworthy lottery wins given off by the SuperLotto Plus, have been $72 million in 2007, as well as $56 million in 2005.

Should you be lucky enough to score a jackpot win, you have a choice of being paid out either in a once-off lump sum payment (which would be an estimated 50-60% of the reflected jackpot value), or as an annuity option which would be paid out in 30 annual installments. While a lump sum payment may seem rather enticing, it’s would be prudent for the winner to bear in mind that the annuity payments are graduated – meaning, the initial payment will be 1.81% of the jackpot amount, rising exponentially to the point where the final payout is 5.56% of the advertised winning amount.

SuperLotto Plus draws are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 19h57 Pacific Time.


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