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How to play the Oz Powerball

The Australian Powerball game (more commonly known as the Oz Powerball), is one that was first played in May 1996, born out of a need for a greater diversity in the Australian lottery market. The game is overseen by Tattersall’s, and bears a striking resemblance to the US Powerball game which enjoys a huge, nearly cult-like following.

While the similarities between the two national games may be striking, there is no denying the fact that the Oz Powerball enjoys the benefit of a few features which make it totally unique to the continent it services. The game uses two separate ball barrels during the draws, out of which all competitors need to choose two separate sets of numbers. Recently, the game’s format has been updated to include a total of seven numbers to be selected, which serves to vastly improve the odds of securing a jackpot win. In order to play the Oz Powerball game, participants need to select a total of seven numbers, and in this particular fashion: Six from a possible 40 (the first, standard ball barrel), and the seventh number from a possible 20 (the second, Powerball number barrel). Correctly matching up all seven selected numbers to the seven numbers that have been drawn at random will result in a jackpot prize win. Furthermore, the game offers all players eight prize divisions in which to win. The minimum requirement to score the lowest-level tier prize is two standard balls plus the Powerball.

The defining factor which sets the Oz Powerball apart from the rest, is that its revised game format makes provision for an incremental increase in the jackpot kitty, once it reaches the $10 million mark. What makes this incremental increase so special, is the amount that the jackpot gets increased by – $10 million with every single rollover! This naturally allows for a phenomenal growth in the prize funds on offer. Another unique attribute (and one that it shares with the Oz Lotto), is that the rollovers are capped to a maximum of 25 before the jackpot funds get filtered down to the second prize tier.

The biggest jackpot won in the Oz Powerball to date, has been an impressive $80 million – which was split down the middle, due to two winning tickets for the same draw. The odds of striking it lucky in the game are 1 in 76,767,600.

Oz Powerball draws take place once a week, every Thursday at 20h45 (AEST).

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