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The Mega Millions Lotto is a multi-jurisdictional game which is played across the United States, and indeed the world thanks to online lottery vendors. It was conceptualized and brought to life in 2002, and has been making millionaires ever since. It also holds the record of awarding the highest-ever lottery win in American history – a $656 million jackpot was split three ways in March 2012, when all three tickets succeeded in matching up the 5+1 winning ball combination.

The Mega Millions game utilizes a 56-ball pool for the main number selection, out of which all participants are required to select five. The Mega Ball comes from a pool of 46 balls, from which the participants are required to select one. If the participant manages to match up the correct 5+1 combination, this will see them cashing in on the top jackpot prize, of which the minimum amount will be $15 million as from 22 October 2013.

The ball system, as well as the Megaplier structure, is set to change as well. The 56-ball pool will be increased to 75 balls, while on the other end of the scale the Mega Ball pool will be reduced from 46 to a mere 15 balls. What this will equate to, are vastly improved overall odds of 1 in 15 of winning one of the prize tiers – the current odds are 1 in 40. The odds of securing a full jackpot win, however, are still pretty steep at 1 in 258.9 million. The Megaplier, which multiplies a win by up to four times, will also see an increase, with prizes now being able to multiply up to five times its original value. This is great news for all Mega Millions players, because what this means for them is that a second tier win of $1,000,000 could now potentially become $5,000,000 without even needing to match all six winning numbers!

The Mega Millions draws take place bi-weekly, every Tuesday and Friday. All draws are held at 23h00 Eastern Time.


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