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The new And Improved Mega Millions

In lieu of the changes made to the US Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions is set to change its structure from the October 22nd 2012 draw. Lottery players will be glad to know that these changes will result in higher chances of winning secondary prizes. Though the odds for winning the jackpot will drop after changes, the jackpot prize roll overs will be more frequent thus inflating the jackpot prize winnings to jaw-dropping amounts.

The Megaplier is still very much in play with Mega Millions, helping to increase your secondary prize winnings by up to 5 times after changes. With the increase in secondary prize amounts and added Megaplier tier, this is possibly quite a lucrative second prize. Under new rules, if a player matches the five white balls their winnings amount to $1 million instead of the current $250,000 and with the Megaplier option they can be the winner of up to $5 million! This attractive second prize really trivializes the decreased odds of winning the jackpot.

The Powerball jackpots have experiences more frequent roll overs thus larger jackpot prizes, and it has boosted lotto players’ involvement. The executive director of the South Carolina Education Lottery Paula Bethea said, “We made the changes to Powerball this past January a year ago, and the Powerball jackpots have grown more quickly. There’s been more participation in the game.” She expects a similar effect on the Mega Millions after its modifications. And with the increase in jackpot amounts and ticket prices, the education in South Carolina will receive an enhancement in funding – after the recent $399.4 million Powerball jackpot ticket sales experienced an increase, a $2 million donation was made to the state’s education.

So get playing online if you’re not based in the States and be a part of this lottery that dishes out massive prizes and gives back to its community!

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