Next Powerball – $176 Million


With the prizes that could be yours in all of the biggest international lottery games each week, there’s no telling how many times you could be getting lucky!  Now that you can play the lottery online, there’s nothing holding you back from becoming a whole lot richer.  If you want to know what you could be walking away with in this week’s draws, take a look at the latest results and winnings right here:


There were no lucky jackpot winners in the latest Powerball draw on Saturday (19th January).  There were no players who were successful in matching all of the five main numbers as well as the PowerBall, which left the first prize tier empty.  The first winners were the four players who fell into the second prize tier.  Each of these players were granted with their guaranteed winnings of $1 million for matching the five main numbers correctly.  The third prize tier brought in another 63 players who walked away with their prize of $10, 000 thanks to their luck in matching four main numbers and the PowerBall.  In the fourth tier, which is also the last of the top prize tiers, there were 1719 players who were grouped.  These players were rewarded with their winnings of $100 for matching four of the five main numbers.  Another $100 was claimed by each of the 2132 players in the fifth prize tier who were successful in matching three of the main numbers plus the PowerBall.  $7 was given to each of the 69544 players in the sixth prize tier who matched three of the five main numbers.  Moving into the seventh prize tier, there were 30137 players who matched two main numbers plus the PowerBall.  This allowed them to scoop up winnings of another $7.  For matching one main number and the PowerBall, the eight prize tier placed 171027 players were awarded with $4.  In the last prize tier, the ninth prize tier grouped as many as 318767 players who each won $4 by matching the PowerBall only.

With the main prize not being scooped up this time around, there will be a rollover taking place which will leave even more for all of you lotto enthusiasts to walk away with.  The upcoming draw will be taking place on Wednesday (14th January) and now has an even higher estimated jackpot prize of a mind-blowing $176 million up for grabs!

Now that you know what you’re playing for, there’s no better time to get gaming and play lotto online!  Remember to make your lucky number selections and place your entries before your time runs out and the next numbers are drawn.  Once that’s done and the online lotto draw is over, you can check back here for all of the latest lotto results and see what you could be playing for in the weeks to come.  Good luck to all of you who will be trying their luck and placing their entries to stand a chance of becoming the next instant millionaire!

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