Hairdresser Nearly Gives Away $1.3 Million Lottery Ticket

Most people think that because there are so many people who turn playing the lotto into a routine that they will pay special attention to every last ticket that they purchase.  There are however some lotto enthusiasts who play their favorite games, letting the prize that they’re playing for slip their minds now and then.  This lotto player nearly gave the lotto ticket that would turn her into an instant millionaire away, but changed her mind at the last minute.  We can’t say for sure, but we’re betting that she’s pretty happy that things turned out the way that they did:

Ligia Dennis

This lucky lotto winner, hairdresser Ligia Dennis nearly gave her lottery ticket away after thinking that she had won $1, 000 only to find out that she had just become a millionaire.  She had bought three California Lucky Life Scratchers tickets, giving two to her mother and almost giving the third to a beggar.  After finding out that she was a lucky winner, she thought she had only netted $1, 000.  We can only imagine her shock once she found out what she really won after taking a trip the lottery’s district office.

It was while she was waiting for her clothes to finish washing at a Laundromat that she decided to buy a cup of coffee from the donut shop from across the street.  While she was waiting, she bought three tickets on the spur of the moment – and it was a good thing that she did!  She nearly gave one of the tickets to a homeless man who had asked her for change, but decided against it at the last second.  Even though she thought she had only scooped up $1, 000, Dennis was still ecstatic about becoming a winner.  Once she headed over to the lottery officials, she discovered that she had actually won $1, 000 per week for 25 years – which totalled to $1.3 million!

This new millionaire is also studying business management, and plans to use a share of her winnings to pay off her student loans and any other outstanding bills that she has.  Other plans that she has involve her hopes of one day opening her own hairdressing salon.  After being a hairdresser for round about six years, it’s always been her dream to own her very own salon.  Dennis also took the proper steps by arranging to meet with a financial advisor to discuss whether she should take a lump sum or the installments over 25 years.  The donut shop where she bought her ticket, Big Jim’s Donuts, will also be scooping up $6, 500 for selling her the winning ticket.

100 dollar bills

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