Dumped, But $30.5 Million Richer

This winner wasn’t as lucky in love as he was in the lottery, where he scooped up a jackpot prize of a mind-blowing $30.5 million back in 2012.  After being dumped shortly before his win, Sandeep Singh said that he was heartbroken at first but it soon got much better – and for good reason.  He was working two jobs to help his family make ends meet before he became richer in the blink of an eye.

After winning $4 on a scratch card lottery ticket, he made use of that to buy four more tickets for the Mega Millions.  One of these tickets had matching numbers, which allowed him to win this jaw-dropping fortune.    He had no special method of making his lucky number selection or any favourite stores where he purchased his tickets, but rather just bought quick picks at whatever retailer was near.  Rather than choosing to be paid out over a number of years, he chose the option of receiving his money in one go which was a lump sum payment of approximately $23 million.  After taxes this totalled to an amount of about $16.1 million, which is still ridiculously high if you ask us!

Sandeep Singh

What makes this even more unbelievable is that he wasn’t the only jackpot winner that time around.  He actually shared a $61 million main prize with another winner from California.  It was one night after he had got home from work that he decided to check the lottery’s website for the winning numbers.  Once he realized what was happening, he dropped his ticket and had no idea what to do.  It was by time that Singh claimed such a significant win, with him playing both the Mega Millions and Powerball games every two to three weeks for about a year before his win.  After his win, the lucky winner said that his was actually his older sister who had purchased the winning ticket for him.  He said that he would be forever grateful and that words couldn’t even explain what she has done for him and their family.  It’s no surprise then that he will be sharing the prize with her, who is also his only sibling.  Other plans that he had for what he wanted to do with his winnings was to pay off his mother’s mortgage, donate money to charity, and share it with his family.

With Singh helping to pay the bills for his family over the years and working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, we can’t think of someone more deserving of this win.  He also studied computer science for two years, and hoped to use a share of his winnings to get his bachelor’s degree in business.  The new millionaire admitted that he was not yet sure how the money will be affecting his life.  The store where the winning ticket was bought, AM/PM Convenience, also received a commission from the win which was a high $50, 000.

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